Our bedtime & naptime routine

I get a lot of people asking me what our routine is and how Felix sleeps so well at night, I feel lucky but trust me I think we deserve it after 3.5 solid months of bad colic!!) so I thought that I would do a post about it. Every baby is different, some sleep a lot and some rarely do, I know how horrible it can be surviving on little to no sleep. I have a few tips and tricks that I have researched or learned from someone else so I hope they help you! Continue reading

Felix’s 3 month update

It feels like only a few days ago i was sat here writing about Felix’s 2 month update. It has been both the quickest and longest of times. I feel like it was yesterday i held this new baby in my arms but then i also feel like I’ve always had him in my life. Felix is now a super smiley little boy with the cutest chunky thighs and loves to nosey at everything. Continue reading

The stuff nobody tells you – for all you new parents/parents to be

If you are a new parents or if you are waiting for your little bundle of joy then there are some facts that are handy to know, stuff that people fail to mention to you because it’s not fun or its not pretty – or its just boring and no one really cares to talk about it *eyeroll* Continue reading