Announcement and first trimester

This is a previous post from my former blog that i have added onto my personal blog!

My first trimester was horrible, I had really bad morning sickness from the minute i woke up to the minute my head hit the pillow; the smell of anything made me throw up instantly. Along with this I had terrible migraines (that are still happening occasionally) so I spent most of my days in bed with a sick bowl, this didn’t stop until I was around 16 weeks. A few weeks into my second trimester and I’m starting to get more energy and feel the positive sides of being pregnant.

I’m only just starting to show and feel kicks which feels amazing! Everyone is right when they say that is the highlight of pregnancy.

Bump at 17 weeks-


I’m looking forward to blogging this journey and to have somewhere I can always look back on to remember everything.

Baby scan photos – look at that little foot!



love Cyah xxx

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