Pregnancy body image issues

We all gain weight during our pregnancy, it’s inevitable. We are carrying around a baby, placenta, amniotic fluid and an additional pint of blood – by the end of your pregnancy you should have gained a minimum of 10kg. During my pregnancy i have had some real issues with how my body is changing, and finding it very difficult to get past this. I didn’t start to show until i was past 20 weeks and since then I’ve been avoiding mirrors/cameras and hiding under baggy clothes, even feeling very self conscious and ugly infant of my partner. Body shame proliferates and leaves women feeling down during a time when identity is shifting so completely. As disorienting as it may be, pregnancy and the months following provide a supremely important time for women to muster a newfound understanding of letting go of ultimate control — control over the body, control over “getting it back” and control over striving for an image of perfection.

Although i’m still finding it hard, there are certain things that i’ve realised lately that have started to change my mindset. I’ve acknowledged the transformation and accepted my body; it is doing an amazing thing, growing and keeping my baby alive and I’m so very lucky. There are still things that i can do to stay in the best shape i can (this will also help after) such as eating healthy and getting in that exercise even if it’s just a 30 minute walk a day.

Before pregnancy i was going to the gym and working out quite a lot, i still work out but only home workouts as I’m having really difficulty with my back which my physiotherapist has advised me to take it easy. But this is giving me so much motivation to get back into the gym when baby’s here!!

Talk about it. Share it with other pregnant women. Share it with someone professionally or personally who is just willing to listen, because all the advice in the world or compliments from other people isn’t going to change that little voice in your head.

But sometimes just getting it off your chest is enough to lift that heavy weight off of it.

I hope this helps other women in the same position to know that these feelings are normal.

Bump at 29 weeks-

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Lots of love, Cyah xxx

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