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32 weeks..

Only 8 weeks to go! I can’t believe how fast it’s all going and i feel like i have so much to do! I think that the next 8 weeks is going to fly by because of buying and preparing everything ready to move into the new house, all i want to do is get everything organised and baby things washed & put away, so with it all being packed up in boxes its like torture when you’re in nesting mode! Baby weighs nearly 4.lbs and is about 17 inches long (according to the ‘what to expect’ app on my phone. It’s so hard to imagine a little human inside! He moves about soooo much doing the biggest kicks and rolls whilst responding to touch, last night he had the hiccups for about ten minutes!

The biggest changes that i’ve noticed recently is feeling exhausted a lot so i’m taking a nap nearly every day, which helps because i’m not sleeping very well with having to constantly get up to go to the loo and tossing & turning. I’ve not once been woken up by kicks and strong movements so hopefully he will carry on being a night sleeper once out (wishful thinking). I feel enormous and its a real struggle finding nice clothes to wear so i might treat myself to a few more maternity bits to get through the last couple of months – I’m currently loving the things that ASOS have in especially the jeans.  To boost myself up a bit I’m thinking of booking in to get my hair and eyelashes done, i’ll do a post on these! I’m currently using the NSPA mama to be belly butter & rosehip oil on my stomach every night to help prevent stretch marks & so far non have appeared. I still have no cravings so i’m just trying to eat as healthy as i can and drink a lot of water (hard when you have to wee nearly every hour!)


This month me and Elliot decided to get a 4D scan done as part of our birthday presents because theres only a month between our birthdays. We got it done at Mothercare and to be honest the experience wasn’t as good as the first 4D scan we got at 17 weeks simply because the woman wasn’t very welcoming and rushed it quite a bit. Although getting to see his face on the screen was amazing – even if all the comments were about how much he looked like Ell! He had his face covered and was sleeping throughout most of so it was hard to get pictures but we did get a couple of good ones.

I would love to hear about your pregnancy journey’s and share the excitement!

Lots of love, Cyah xxx


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