Last week when i was supposed to be shopping for the new house, i accidentally went a little crazy in other stores.. oops. Some of the things i picked up were items that i use regularly and were running out, others were just things i’ve wanted to try. Anyway heres a little review on what i picked up.


The brand originated in LA (or so the internet tells me) and is currently available in the UK via boots, selfridges and asos. They’re only £7 and are honestly as good as the more expensive brands. The application is easy, the colour is really pigmented, they don’t dry out your lips and they dry really well! I have them in a few shades and always go for nudes.


This has always been my favourite shade of mac lipsticks and so i always have to stock up on it when running low! I carry it around with me in my handbag. It’s such a gorgeous nude colour and i love the finish that it gives. MAC do sales quite regularly so i always keep an eye out to get things like this when they are discounted (you always get free samples on delivery too!)


I’ve always liked the soap and glory products and they had a 3for2 offer on so how could i resist! I needed a new liquid eyeliner and eyebrow pencil anyway. I rarely use eyebrow pencils as my brows are naturally quite thick and full but i do use them on the odd occasion. This one is really good as it has a liquid tip on one end and a pencil on the other so it makes application a lot easier, the shades also match up really well. The eyeliner is super easy to use as its a fine tip. I didn’t know what to get for the third product so i randomly got the sexy mother pucker extreme lip plump. I’ve never used these before but its actually quite good. It does tingle for awhile and plump your lips but it doesn’t last that long. Its not sticky which is good as i find most lip glosses are, so it was worth it for a freebie!


I have already done a review on this in my beauty must haves post so i won’t say much apart from its my go to moisturiser when my skin is feeling dry. It is quite pricey at £30 but it lasts ages. This is only my second bottle.


I have gone through about 4 of these because they are soooo good. They cost about £7 & they really do work. I reapply a few times throughout the day and they gradually plump your lips and you can really see a difference. It is super nourishing and has a gorgeous nude tint to it. Definitely a must have to carry around!


I love a good face mask but usually stick to my favourite ‘Egyptian healing clay’ (theres a post on this in my beauty must haves post). These were just ‘chuck it in the basket’ kind of buys whilst wandering around primary looking for baggy tops to fit my every growing bump. The candy floss one smelt nice, and felt really good as it had exfoliator beads in, but i found that it made no difference to my skin. The Garnier one was good considering it was only £1.50, it made my skin feel softer, but nothing compared to what i usually use. So i probably won’tpurchase these again.

Cyah xxx

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