Our first month with Felix

My first month

My first month being a mother has definitely had its ups and downs, which is to be expected! There have been times that have been so so hard; learning how to look after this tiny baby, whilst recovering from labour & dealing with the raging hormones (people rarely talk about how you can feel every emotion possible and feel so low after having a baby) but this is normal and passes after a few days/weeks, everybody’s different! But throughout the hard times there is that constant feeling of love and amazement that i have this beautiful baby boy.  The hardest part is the sleep deprivation. You are literally absolutely exhausted from giving birth then you’re chucked straight into the deep end. Because of Felix being 5 weeks early i had to stay in hospital for 5 nights with him and partner’s are not allowed to stay so you are literally thrown right in by yourself from the second they arrive. After numerous nights of this it led to nights of crying from just being so tired, sore and sick of being in the same hospital room, but even though i felt so worn out, just staring at his face made me feel so much love and happiness. I really didn’t enjoy pregnancy so it’s such a relief to have my body back and thankfully i was back into my size 8’s a week within giving birth! Although i’m soon going to go back to the gym but for the meantime me and Felix have been going on lots of walks, this also feels really good to get out and about and clear your head in the fresh air every day. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by lots of great friends and family who are constantly popping round and meeting up with friends, even having a couple friends who also have babies has made this experience all the better by having people to talk to at any time of the night/day about stupid little things that i would normally go mad googling!

Felix’s first month

Felix is literally the most chilled out little baby! he very rarely cries unless he’s really hungry. The first few nights at home were the hardest because he wouldn’t settle during the night when put in his cot next to our bed, so we were constantly up and down picking him up and cuddling him. We would spend the whole night repeating this process then wake up exhausted. As soon as he was in our arms he would fall straight asleep which was to be expected as he has just spent the last 8 months curled up close to his mummy. I think it was the third night when we gave in and gave Felix a dummie. We both wanted to delay this as long as possible (even though theres nothing wrong with a dummie) and it really helped him to settle by himself, some babies just like the comfort and it’s a natural sucking reflex throughout the night. I’m a really light sleeper so i wake up to every little grunt he makes whereas Elliot is quite a deep sleeper so it can take a bit of a nudge when its his turn to feed or change Felix! Week 3 and he really started to become more alert, staying awake for longer periods during the day and focusing more on our faces & reacting to our voices which shows he recognises us. At 3 weeks + 6 days we got felix weighed and he is now 8lb 2oz! So i’m hoping he will cut out one of his night feeds soon as he is currently feeding around every 3 hours.


Overall, it’s been a difficult but amazing month for my new little family and we’re excited to see what next month has in store for us!

you can follow what we get up to on my instagram blog! @cyahflynn

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