Meeting Felix: My Birth Story

Felix Lloyd Webster – born 22nd July 2017 11:115am, weighing 6 pounds.

I debated doing a blog post about my birth story because it’s quite a personal thing – but also because it was quite traumatic and scary to relive! It’s quite long but I have tried to include the basic outline without going into too much detail.

The week before i had Felix i went into preterm labour quite suddenly and had to go through to hospital where i found out i was 2cm dilated at 34 weeks pregnant. I got took straight to the delivery room where they gave me something which had a small chance of stopping the labour from progressing – thankfully this worked straight away! They also had to give me a course of steroid injections to develop Felix’s lungs incase he did decide to come early (this was more likely as they had to stop the labour). Following this i had to stay in hospital for 4 nights which seemed like forever when i felt totally fine!


Fast forward one week later. The whole of the Friday night i just couldn’t sleep. Not because i was in pain or feeling different, it was just one of them nights where you feel wide awake. At around 4/5am on the Saturday morning i started getting cramps but i just laid in bed thinking it was normal niggly pregnancy pains. These started getting more and more painful until i had to get out of bed and walk around the house, bounce on my yoga ball and just try get in any position that made it more comfortable. The pain then got worse quickly so i had to wake Elliot up – but i don’t think he believed me when i said i’m in a lot of pain as he took a lot of nudging to get out of bed! This was the day that i had planned on packing my hospital bag and baby’s bag so i literally had nothing ready. I quickly tried to pack a bag so we could go through to the hospital. This felt like the longest 30 minute drive of my life! The pain got so bad in the car and my contractions were already 3 minutes apart. I new then that i was properly in labour and it wasn’t going to be stopped, but I kept thinking positively and knew in my heart that my baby must be on his way. By the time we got to the hospital i could barely walk and it took a long time to make it to the maternity unit where i got a bed straight away to be assessed. I think psychologically this made me put my barriers up and I felt very apprehensive about what was just ahead of me. The midwife told me that i was 5cm dilated and then within one minute of her saying that my waters broke. Baby was definitely coming today! at this point it was only 7am so it felt like so much had already happened in the space of 2 hours from my labour starting.

I got taken straight to the labour room where they had to have a specialist cot and things in since he was going to be five weeks early, this suddenly scared me into how real this was and the thought of something being wrong with him. They strapped me up to the monitors which are the most annoying things when you’re not aloud to take them off or change position – i just remember wanting to be in different positions and walk about to try and help ease the pain but I wasn’t aloud them off as they had to monitor Felix’s heartbeat constantly. At this point i was crying (dare i say screaming) in pain. I don’t want to scare people but it was horrific, i can’t even describe the amount of pain that i was in. And to make things worse i wasn’t aloud any pain relief! WHAT’S GOING ON?! I constantly begged the doctors to let me have something for the pain but they kept refusing because of him being premature, the only thing i could have was gas and air and this did naff all for the amount of pain. At 9:30am they examined me again and said that i was 10cm dilated! I couldn’t believe how fast this was all going but it was so good to have Elliot and my mum there.

I was feeling so exhausted and emotional as the contractions were coming thick and fast with barely and time to rest between them. It’s true when they say you nearly break your partners hand from all the squeezing! It’s also true when people say you just don’t give a sh*t who sees what. Throughout my pregnancy i remember telling Elliot to not dare look down there or he will be getting kicked out, but i think he watched the whole thing and i could not have cared less.

Fast forward an hour and it was time to push and meet my baby boy. This was the most exhausting part. Another hour passed and nothing much was happening, they said if nothing happens soon then they will have to assist me with getting him out. Just in time a new midwife came in and i really believe she is the reason i didn’t have to have an assisted delivery. She was shouting at me how and when to push; being really stern but this is what i needed and she really gave me that power to push. At this point i had Elliot, my mum, 3 midwifes & two neonatal doctors in the room, everything was so intense and chaotic but there was a rush to get him out at this point. The doctors had to eventually give me an episiotomy and i can honestly say this didn’t hurt compared to the pain of the contractions and this was what i was dreading having throughout the whole pregnancy. I actually can’t believe that this pushing urge turned into actually pushing my baby out, You have to use every last bit of energy as for me it came right at the end of a contraction. I’ve got to say that this was one of the biggest tests of perseverance and endurance I’ve ever experienced. I remember distinctively when his head was finally out and then with the next contraction and an almighty push, out came his body. They placed him on me and i just looked at Elliot and he was crying at the site of our beautiful baby finally here and screaming his tiny lungs out! I actually did it!! After all my pre pregnancy fears and anxietys I can’t believe I did it!! His cry was the sweetest sound, my boy, Felix, so perfect, safe and sound in my arms. Where on earth did all that dark hair come from? I was so surprised but every bit in love! I never would have thought that my labour would only have lasted 6 hours.

The umbilical cord was left attached for another ten minutes or so until it stopped pulsating; something that is known as delayed cord clamping which allows all the blood and iron to transfer to the baby from the placenta which helps the baby to establish normal breathing quicker too. When it was time to clamp the cord, Elliot did the honours. The rest as you can imagine was the usual injection to help the placenta to come out and the after care of myself. They then had to take Felix straight to neonatal to be properly checked over and looked after. This was so scary the thought of him not being with us. During this time i had to get stitched from the episiotomy and i remember asking ‘is this the last painful thing’ thank god it was! (Not including the aftermath of labour) But what they don’t tell you is that you continue getting contractions after giving birth – OUCH.

About 2 hours later i got taken to the transitional ward, this is something new they are trialing where premature babies can be on a ward with their mother. We had to stay in for 5 days to make sure Felix was regulating his own temperature and that everything was normal, he had to be in a special cot (not incubator) but we were still aloud cuddles.

Thank you to my  my wonderful boyfriend Elliot, my fantastic mum and finally to all of you who gave me non-stop encouragement and positivity- I couldn’t have done it without all your support! Now time for some scrumptious photo’s of little Felix.





Lots of love, Cyah xxx

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