Post pregnancy skin and hair

img_7615Something that you don’t really hear about until you look into it is how your skin and hair can dramatically change after having a baby. When you’re pregnant you get that ‘glow’ because your hair stops falling out – making it thicker, and your skin just feels amazing. But shortly after having a baby everything dramatically returns back to normal and this can make you feel down and self conscious as you’re already getting to grips with your post baby body. After pregnancy, your hormones are going haywire (which, by the way, explains common night sweats and a list of other things) and this can wreak havoc on the skin. Isn’t pregnancy/post pregnancy just so glamorous!!

My skin hasn’t been too bad apart from a few breakouts but i have always had a strict skincare regime which i will list below (take note that what skincare routine you have could be different depending on your skin type. My skin type is combination) My hair on the other hand feels so rubbish compared to the thickness and softness i had whilst pregnant. Although it’s still in good condition and growing faster than ever it can make you feel down at the fact you feel like you’re losing half a head of hair every time you shower! I have just started taking hair supplements so i hope this helps until my hormones settle down.

Current skincare routine:

cleanse 2xdaily  using Nivea cleanser

Exfoliate about 3x a week using St.Ives exfoliator

Moisturise 2xdaily after cleansing using Clinique moisturiser

Facemask 1-2x weekly

Note i stopped using facewipes on my skin about a year ago and saw a massive improvement from doing this

(More detail about all of these in a previous post that i did)

Hope this makes you feel like what you’re experiencing is normal and things will soon settle down 🙂


Lots of love, Cyah xxx

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