Why i started blogging

Never in a million years did I picture myself wanting to write for fun. Taking pictures, yes.  I love putting my thoughts into words and sharpening them and bringing them to life. The little voice inside my head never shuts up and I needed somewhere to let it all out, You aren’t restricted or limited to any subject. You can literally write about whatever you please.


I wanted to share my experiences and have a journal of sorts, somewhere that i have a record of how i felt and things i did at a specific time in my life – such as different stages during my pregnancy and our journey with Felix. It’s nice to look back on things i’ve wrote and pictures i’ve taken and remember certain things that i wouldn’t normally have thought about again. A blog is the perfect way to capture those little moments that will fly by so quickly.

I always get engrossed with other peoples lifestyle/beauty/mummy blogs and love reading about their lives and thoughts, they’re my guilty pleasure, i can sit for hours (when i get the time) and scroll through my favourite blogs. I find them so helpful to get information from, based on people’s experiences and thats what i am hoping mine does for people going through similar experiences.

I’m very new to blogging and always worried about what people think, but after getting so much good feedback and messages from people saying they can relate to my posts it makes the worry worth it! Lots of people have said to me that they wish they had the confidence to start a blog, my advice would be to just do it! don’t worry about what other people think because if it makes you feel good and you enjoy doing it then why not. I love the audience of people i’m creating who tell me they enjoy reading my posts and its helped them know certain feelings are totally normal. Even when you hit a stump and can’t think of anything to blog about, something always crops up where you just want to write it all down.

Lots of love, Cyah xxx

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