Monthly Archives: September 2017

Felix’s 2 month update

I can’t believe Felix is already 9 weeks old, time has flown by but it feels like he has always been here and i couldn’t imagine a life without him. We have just cleared out all of his newborn clothes; he’s done well to last in them till 9 weeks! and replaced them with his 0-3 month clothes (he has taken up another draw, way more clothes than me!) He is now my little chunky baby and although he’s still so small he seems huge compared to that tiny little newborn we brought home. Continue reading

The early days

Here is the truth, in those early days you will struggle to get anything done at home with a baby. You will struggle with getting the simplest of things done like getting yourself showered and dressed or even eating; I’ve gone the majority of the day without eating only to remember at teatime. So people ask what are you doing all day? Continue reading