To the tired mum

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I thought i would do a post about the reality of sleepless nights and early mornings with a newborn. I used to think ‘oh it can’t be that bad getting up a couple times a night’ but i didn’t realise each time i got up it would be for about an hour to change him, feed him, burp & settle him then repeat it all again in a few hours! *sigh*  You hear your little one stirring and you lay there thinking ‘here we go again!’ But as soon as he is snuggling into my chest looking up at me whilst having his bottle i wouldn’t want it any other way. This is what gets you exhausted but it’s so good having a partner who does his equal share during the night so i can get that stretch of much needed sleep. Those first few weeks are definitely the hardest as Felix (just like any newborn) was waking every 2-3 hours on the dot & really struggling to settle himself back to sleep or get wind up. This meant we were getting around 3-4 hours sleep a night which is do-able just very hard when its for weeks on end! Then we discovered the magic of Infacol (something to help get wind up) so Felix could get wind up a lot easier and settle straight after a feed. He is now starting to recognise the difference between night and day; staying a wake for longer periods during the day and has now started to last 4-4.5 hours between feeds at night! Trust me that feels so good when you’re used to it being 2-3.

My advice to anyone with a baby is to take the help when offered and ask for help when you need it! I’m lucky to be surrounded by amazing family and friends. My mum has had Felix a few nights and some days for a few hours a time and it honestly feels so good to just have that time for yourself and your partner. I’m lucky that i have a couple of friends who also have babies so i can quiz them anytime i need help ‘why has my child not pooped in 2days’ or even just people to rant to when i’m having a tough day or night (sometimes it can be 2am – poor people). They have helped me so much by just insisting they are coming over to help out even if it means to settle Felix while i do something as simple as the washing up and make a cuppa or take him for a walk. I’m very picky who i leave Felix with and so far he has only stayed with my mum and probably will do for a while. You need to feel 100% with someone and that’s totally fine – it’s hard enough leaving your baby even for a few hours! It takes a great relationship with somebody who you trust and has the experience to be able to feel calm and happy that they are in care of your baby.

But the best bit of advice that i can give is to just enjoy it! I have loved every second of our journey so far – even the exhausted times. It is all so worth it and i wouldn’t swap this for anything. So enjoy those 2am snuggles because before long they won’t be so little anymore. It’s only a matter of weeks before they start sleeping through the night so just remember that when it feels like the sleepless nights are gonna last forever.

Hope this has put some mamas minds at ease and to know you’re not alone! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, people love pinching babies for cuddles.

Lots of love, Cyah xxx

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