Starting old hobbies

Last year I was really motivated and spent a lot of time doing hobbies i love such as Art. For people who know me will know that i love to draw and have done for years. I started doing Art commissions a few years ago such as portraits & designs. I actually got quite busy at one point, having around 1-2 portraits to do per week but then once i got pregnant i lost all motivation to do it!

I’ve always loved doing art so i did my GCSE art, followed by A-level fine art, then I did art and design foundation. I loved my courses and always thought i would do an art course at uni but paths change! It’s something that i love to do in my spare time for some extra money and maybe one day it will become a career but i don’t want to plan anything – what will happen will happen!

Now that i have had Felix it makes me want to do portraits even more and i can’t wait to draw him! Easy idea for christmas presents! I think of new ideas all the time related to baby things (brain is constantly baby things *eye roll*) such as drawings of scans, footprints/handprints and little memorable ideas.

Hopefully soon i will be taking on commissions again once i get myself back into the swing of things & setting up a little sideline business to run alongside work. Exciting things and ideas to come!


Love Cyah xxx

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