The early days

Here is the truth, in those early days you will struggle to get anything done at home with a baby. You will struggle with getting the simplest of things done like getting yourself showered and dressed or even eating; I’ve gone the majority of the day without eating only to remember at teatime. So people ask what are you doing all day?

You’re responding to your baby with patience. To there hunger cues, tears, smiles and attention. The world is complex and highly emotional, even more so to a baby and we are here to teach them how to live in this world. You’re keeping your baby clean (this can mean many many outfit changes – not just for the baby). You are teaching a tiny, helpless person all about the world, like how we treat each other and what it means to be connected to a family. You are creating a foundation of love and trust between you and your baby. And the best of all you are becoming a mother.

 So to be honest that’s about it, that’s your day. To most people that will look like nothing but we know better. There is no greater task than the “nothing”. Caring for a baby is all about the immediate experience. It can bring you to tears and a breakdown, to feeling like you rock this life, all in the space of minutes. It’s the hardest work you will ever do in your life, even though to you and others it may feel like you’re getting nothing done. But when you look back on all of these moments you won’t remember the times you didn’t manage to do the laundry, or wash your hair for days and clean the house. You will remember the time when your baby first looked into your eyes and smiled. Or cuddled into you because to them you’re their world. You will remember the way that you and your baby needed each other.

So the next day you feel like another day has gone with nothing been accomplished, stop. At times you will get ‘nothing’ done & exhaustion is a big part of it. But these hard parts will fade and what remains is that intense burning love that is here to stay forever.

Love Cyah xxx


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