My August beauty bargains

I’ve put together some of my bargain beauty finds that i got during August – but only just doing this post now as the past couple of weeks have been craaaazy!I love finding little bargains that are amazing and just as good as the high end products; if not better. These are some that i use most of the time, if not every day.

The first one is the aveeno daily baby moisturiser. I got this for felix when he was born and i also started using it because it’s all natural and if it’s safe and amazing for babies then why not for me?! It has made my skin clear up quite a lot (a long with cleansing 2x daily) and it makes your skin feel soft. It’s also a great base for foundation! Keep an eye out for when the supermarkets do baby events as i got this from boots, half price for £4.

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I usually use a mix between nars/smashbox but could never find a shade that matches my skin perfectly. However this healthy mix foundation matches my tone spot on. It lasts all day without needing to top up and looks so smooth. I would say it’s a medium-full coverage. i think it was around £8.

I randomly picked up the flash photo powder in Primark. This can be used under the eyes/nose/chin/forehead to brighten up those areas and stop flashback on photo’s. It’s blue but don’t worry it’s not when you put it on! It’s said to be a dupe for the laura mercier setting power so it is a bargain at £2.50.

Also from Primark i decided to try the PS shampoo and conditioner. I got the manuka honey and argon oil ones. They are only 99p each and are really good! Before this i used the Lidl ‘sien’ repair and conditioner shampoo and conditioner. They are about 80p each but again are amazing! I’ve been using these for months and they have all the same ingredients as the more expensive ones. With the more expensive ones you are literally paying for the brand name and fancy bottles.

I purchased the ‘too faced’ lip injection lip gloss when it was half price (usually £20) and it’s the best lip plumping gloss that i have found. It has amazing reviews and it doesn’t give you that awful tingle that the other give you. It’s not sticky either and it lasts hours! so you can put your usual lippy over the top after.

I only purchased the Aldi NO.2 candle a few days ago and it lives up to its expectations! It’s the blackberry flavour and it smells so good. Definitely a cheaper buy for £3.99 rather than the £50 for the jo malone ones.

Im a sucker for picking up random things just to try out so keep checking for my Autumn faves & clothes shopping hauls (someone please take my card away from me!)

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