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Postpartum body image 

Something I struggled with a lot during my pregnancy was my body image. I’ve always been quite naturally petite so gaining this huge bump took a lot to get my head round, mentally and physically. I’ve written a post about this whilst pregnant.
After giving birth I strangely felt so good about my body, just for the fact that I had my waist back & I could see my feet! Even though I had a huge jelly belly for a week or so it quickly shrank back to what I would consider normal for me.  8 weeks on and I’m relatively happy with my shape although it’s still quite different than it was pre-pregnancy. I used to work out and go to the gym quite a lot, then because of issues during my pregnancy I wasn’t able to do this. I can’t wait to start properly working out and i reckon I will in the next week (it’s literally finding the time and energy with a newborn). I’ve been in no rush as I’ve been soaking up this newborn bubble that we’ve been living in. When I look in the mirror I see so many issues but you have to think to yourself ‘I’ve grown my baby here for 9 months’ of course it’s not gonna spring back to normal. My worst perception of my body is actually a scar I have down my stomach from surgery a few years ago, that will fade in time fingers crossed!

To everybody who’s just had a baby and is getting used to their new body; don’t worry, you have so much time to work on it. Cherish the time you have with your new little family & everything else will come later. Another thing i would advise for you to do which i do a lot is to not compare yourself to other women. I’m so guilty of this & i do it all the time. There are so many different natural shapes & sizes. Everyone is different and there is nothing wrong with that – there is no right or wrong. Just aim to what you want and to what you are happy with.



Lots of love, Cyah xxx


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