Felix’s 2 month update

I can’t believe Felix is already 9 weeks old, time has flown by but it feels like he has always been here and i couldn’t imagine a life without him. We have just cleared out all of his newborn clothes; he’s done well to last in them till 9 weeks! and replaced them with his 0-3 month clothes (he has taken up another draw, way more clothes than me!) He is now my little chunky baby and although he’s still so small he seems huge compared to that tiny little newborn we brought home.

Since around 5 weeks we got Felix diagnosed with having bad Colic, more specifically evening colic (6pm-10pm on average). It really is heart breaking to see your baby in pain for hours every night and there is nothing that you can do apart from give them lots of cuddles. Even though it’s really exhausting for us to deal with, it’s nothing compared to what Felix is going through. Theres no reason or cure for it it’s just one of them things that babies can commonly have. They say it ends around 12 weeks but we have seen an improvement in the last few nights so fingers crossed it carries on improving.

Since my last update a lot has progressed in such a small amount of time. Before i felt lucky to even have a 3.5 hour stretch of sleep but in the past few nights Felix has slept for a huge 6 hours in a row, had another feed & slept for another 3.5/4 hours. This means only getting up once in the night for a feed around 3/4am after putting him down about 9ish. He sleeps well in his chicco next to me crib but loves coming into my bed for cuddles every morning after his 7am bottle. Something i found that works well for getting him of to sleep in the middle of the night is playing white noise on my phone.

At 8 weeks old Felix started smiling! We waited so long for this and felt like he was on the verge of doing it every time we spoke to him. The amount of funny faces you make and baby talk you do is ridiculous so it was only an amount of time before he cracked that gorgeous smile! He is very smiley in the morning just before his morning nap, then you’ll be lucky to get some more out of him for the rest of the day but that’s normal considering he only learned how to a week ago! each day/week he will do it more and more accompanied by those heart warming gurgling and cooing noises – he loves doing this at 3am when you’re trying to get back to sleep! His sight is a lot better now as well. He always focuses on our faces for a long time and will follow us with his eyes when we wonder around the room.

There are still days/nights which are so hard and all you want to do is sit and cry but there always will be. But those good days and nights make up for them. On the whole things are going so well and we couldn’t love him any more if we tried. Time is going so fast so we are cherishing every moment as he wont be little for long.


Cyah xxx

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