Our generation – to share your life online?

Do you ever think to yourself how much our generation rely on the internet and technology? Theres no problem with it, it’s just something that is actually really new to the world and we are the ones who have fallen into the time of when technology and social media is at its peak.

I don’t see anything wrong with sharing personal things on social media. Weather its photos, blog posts, videos, you name it. For me it’s like a journal of exciting things and memories. I love looking back on old photos and posts about Felix in his first few weeks. I read something and it brings back lots of memories and just to know what and when his milestones were. I would never post pictures of him where you could see that cute little baby bum, those are just for our eyes only, even if they are the cutest pictures. But there’s nothing wrong with sharing photos of that cute little face. The public see it every time we step out of the house so what is the difference? He is the biggest part of my life and is by my side almost 24/7. Those photos will be there forever for me to look back on, and for him to look back on when he is older. I love getting out that big box of photos’s at my mums house and spending hours going through them all from out childhood.

This blog is somewhere where i can sit and rant about whatever i want, whenever i want. Weather it’s something adorable Felix has done or something that’s getting on my nerves. As a blogger i will share many parts of my life on the internet but why not? It doesn’t harm people. In fact it has helped a lot of people. I get loads of lovely messages saying how people understand and are glad they can relate to someone else. If you’re one of the people that it bothers then i will simply laugh in your face for being so pathetic.

The internet is growing fast and more and more people are using it as a tool to connect and record important parts of there lives. I love reading through other people’s posts and watching videos. It makes you feel really involved and is also a great way to make friends! I have made a few who are in the same position as me and eventually we will meet up and have a real life rant with probably a big mug of coffee (insert tired mummy eyes).

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, no nastiness as i can’t stand those sorts of people who have to dampen your day for there own amusement!

Love Cyah xxx

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