October challenge

This month i have decided to set myself a challenge of a no spend October, and for me that really is a challenge! It’s going to be hard but it’s doable. And it will likely save me a ton of money! Not only will i save a heap of money but, by going cold turkey, i can see where my money leaks are and just how little i can actually survive on.

Over the last couple of months i have done nothing but spend spend spend. I get sucked into a sale and feel like i have to buy things. I did my autumn clothes shop (multiple times) and have way more clothes than i actually need, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! I buy Felix things all of the time and he has way more clothes than he needs as well – he probably wont even wear some of it before he grows out of this size so if i do see anything i like for him then i will get it in the next size (this is actually an essential as he doesn’t have many clothes in the next size – apart from the big m&s haul i did for him yesterday..). I’m one of those people who goes to the shop for milk and come out £50 lighter, i just convince myself that i need these items when actually they’re most likely luxury items that i have enough off or will barely use/wear.

Now, you can’t just jump into a no spend month and expect things to run smoothly. A month with no spending requires a little planning and prep work. And, no doubt, your creativity will have to kick in to solve some problems during the month. But the idea is to stretch yourself and your money. Think of it as a game you intend to win.

I have my own rules set such as only buying essential things such as fuel,food,baby things & bills. I go out for coffee way too much so i’m going to limit this a lot but still go for the odd one as it’s a good way to get out and socialise as a new mummy. I love little date nights with Elliot and luckily we get free cinema tickets each week because of who we do our life insurance through (yes i know.. life insurance.. I’m now a real adult haha) but this is a great way to get out and do things without spending that extra money. Send me a message if you want to know how we get these and who we do it through, there is also other great benefits with it such as free starbucks ect.

I have a couple of things already planned for October such as a meal out and possibly a night out or two but these can’t be helped as they are already planned and i aint no bailer!

Something else i spend way too much money on is the food shop. I never make lists or meal plans and just grab things as i go which means when i get to the till i could have picked up £80 worth of food for just the two of us. So i’m going to be super organised and meal prep every week, hopefully this is something i’m going to do every month from now on.

Wish me luck. I will update in November how i got on

Love Cyah xxx


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