Co sleeping – the big debate

img_9321As i’m writing this i’m feeling bright eyes and bushy tailed, do you know why? since 6am this morning Felix has been snuggled into his mummy or daddy in bed, giving all three of us a lie in till 9:30am! can i get a high five?


This isn’t how we co sleep i just plonked him there whilst i was in the room getting shit done ^^

I don’t know why but after Felix has had his morning feed 6/7am he just falls back to sleep in my arms and god forbid you try and move him into his cot. Even the sneaky ninja, snail pace move where you move at your slowest and slowly slide your arms out from under him as you lay him down, the eyes ping open and he ends up getting his way back in our bed. He is actually really good at self settling himself into his cot on a night, you put him down when he is really tired and he will slowly drift to that sweet land of nod till about 3/4am! winner.

Thanks to silent reflux, laying him down flat after a feed was never going to be our friend. But since we have tilted the head of hit cot up he seems to be doing okay going back down after a feed, mostly on his side but who likes to sleep on there back all night?

So after that 6/7am feed he just magically falls asleep in my arms. I’m tired, he’s tired so it makes sense to just leave him there. I prop myself up and make sure everything is safe before getting another couple of hours sleep before he goes from a sleeping angel to absolutely starving like i’ve not fed him in a week in the space of 5 seconds. Before giving birth you say a lot of ‘i wont do this, i wont do that’ but trust me everything and i mean everything goes out of the window and you do what works for you and what keeps your sanity. When you’ve been awake 24 hours and you have a screaming baby, you will try anything.

So fellow mummy’s, co sleeping is not for everyone. Some people are dead against it and that’s fine, different things work for different babies but it is definitely worth doing some researching on and doing it properly so you don’t have them worries about rolling over, falling out of bed and all of that scary stuff! Get ready for those judgmental people who like to nit pic every little thing you do different to them because they are oh so perfect! I have found myself sometimes explaining to people, even family why we do this, hoping they wont think i’m a terrible mother. But then i realised i don’t give a shit. If something is working for you and your baby then do it. It will save your sanity. Even if you do wake up to your little one sneezing in your face or grabbing your boob so hard you wonder when your baby became a mini hulk.

I finally feel like we are getting into a routine and Felix is sleeping a lot longer stretches. (longest so far 6.5 hours! get me the champagne!) The colic and silent reflux is still hanging over our heads like it’s ready to kill us of at any moment but we are getting there. trial and error. I will do an update on this once it has all settled because so many people have helped us through this with trying out things and pushing those doctors to take you seriously. I have been a mother on a mission to sort this out and i would love to help people going through the same thing because it really is such a horrible thing to go through.


Love Cyah xxx


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