My top newborn products

Like any mum to be you worry about if you have enough things, or if you haven’t got the right things. I found that i bought a lot of stuff when in fact you probably wont even touch half of those little baby lotions you bought just because they look nice. I always thought ‘everything is going to be neutral and wooden’ but that soon goes out of the window when you realise that babies need a lot of colour stimulation and so my living room now looks like a rainbow style cresh! But Felix loves it so i will put up with it.. 

If i were to give any mums to be some advice then it would be don’t spend too much money on basic things. I spent about £120 on a bouncer because it looked nice when in fact it wasn’t for Felix and i ended up selling it and buying the brightest cool dudes bouncer which he loves (probably that added vibration setting that it has.. so good for when he has a sore belly) and it was only £30! This product would be my go to as he can be put down in it for naps, or it can be used as play time with the detachable toy bar.


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The next thing is the chicco next to me crib. I LOOOVE this and am so glad that i bought it. It’s not too pricey but more then you would pay for a moses basket. We opted against a moses basket, not for any reason it was just we preferred the next to me crib. As mentioned in my post about co – sleeping click here to read it you will see that it is such a comfort for both me and Felix to be near each other at night. I wont go into much detail as i have already mentioned this in that previous post.



Felix loves bath time and ever since his first bath we have used this angel care bath seat. It can be used from newborn -14kg (not a clue how big that is). It supports them so well and they are also submerged in water up to there bellies which newborns love as it reminds them of being in the womb. He is now splashing about and this seat makes it safe as it supports him enough to not fall out. (obviously i’m there all the time anyway)

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Another product that Felix has loved is his toy bar & baby play mat. These keep him occupied for ages and the play mat is a perfect place for a newborn to nod of to sleep. They should make an adult sized one really.. I don’t need to talk about these much as the photos are pretty self explanatory what they are. But we love them even if they do look ridiculous in your front room!



Sleepyehad deluxe – Felix loves to feel cuddled in and cosy and he sleeps so much better in this sleep nest. When he is in just the crib he is so little in such a big space and it startles him awake and makes it harder for him to settle. With this you can just transfer them from your arms into bed and it makes them feel like they are still being held. It also looks super comfy! another adult version needed i think!

These are just a few of many products that I think are great for newborns but if i were to talk about them all then we would be here all day!

Love Cyah xxx



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