Felix’s 3 month update

It feels like only a few days ago i was sat here writing about Felix’s 2 month update. It has been both the quickest and longest of times. I feel like it was yesterday i held this new baby in my arms but then i also feel like I’ve always had him in my life. Felix is now a super smiley little boy with the cutest chunky thighs and loves to nosey at everything.

Colic & silent reflux- Nearly everywhere i have read says that 3 months is the massive turning point for colic. And i am really hoping that is the case and we aren’t just going through another fluke. He is starting to have more good nights than bad nights, averaging around 3 good to 1 bad. When i know that it has gone for sure i will do a long post on it as it’s so informative for people going through the same thing, i must have read every article on google 5x times and have been messaging so many people on my instagram about it. Thank you to all you people you have been angels! I am so thankful to be a part of such lovely, kind and helpful community of women.

Felix has been on ranitidine for about 2 weeks now and it has literally cured his silent reflux within a day or two. We tried everything from infant gaviscon, changing formula, cranial osteopath. I will extend and include this in the post about Colic when it’s all better as it kind of ties in.

Sleep – I have found that Felix is having regular naps and it’s so much easier to spot when his nap time is coming up and looking for those early signs. Meaning i can get him cosy and settled before he starts to get grouchy and fight of the sleep. He is only waking up once in the night for about 20 mins to have his bottle then settle straight back to sleep! So he is doing really good. Although there is the occasional time where he naps all day and becomes a night owl when it gets to 2am! If you have a newborn then i would recommend downloading the app ‘wonder weeks’ it informs you when your  baby is going through a leap or a hurdle and explains why one week is tougher than the next. His bed time is around 7:30/8 and wakes up between 6/7. I’m trying to push his last feed back to about 9 just so he sleeps a longer stretch but whatever works for him is fine with me! I have gotten used to the sleeping patterns and feel bright eyes most mornings (except those random few shit nights). I enjoy getting up naturally at 6am because it means i can come downstairs and tidy up, sterilise the bottles and make a coffee before Felix is awake.

Changes by development – His sight is so much better. He is constantly watching me and Elliot walk around and will look for us when he can hear us speaking. He is so much more alert and active and will play for longer periods of time, kicking about on his play mat whilst chatting away and giving us the biggest of smiles. It’s so cute because he rarely smiles when we are out but if i come up to him in the house he will give me a massive grin as he recognises his mummy. The best time is in the morning after his first feed. He always sits on my knee’s facing me and we chat away for about 30 mins and this is the time of the day where he is just constant smiles and a little chatterbox. He also has found his hands! staring at them for ages and trying to get them into his mouth but the co-ordination is not all there yet! He loves to be sat up (with support obviously) i think it’s so he can have a good nosy around and probably because he likes to watch Elliot play car games on his xbox! he gets so mesmerized by the sounds and movement.

It is all definitely getting easier and it really is true when people say those first few months are the hardest. I am so glad that i am doing these updates to look back on in years to come and taking all of these cute photographs of him.  I’m so excited to see what Felix achieves in the next month!

Cyah Flynn x

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