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Memory wave – The perfect present

Last month I teamed up with the memory wave company and It really is one of the best gifts I have received in a long time! img_1943The website is quick and easy to use with a great layout, you simply upload your sound recording and its created into a sound wave. You then choose the colour of your poster and add wording to it. click on this link to open their website. The customer service is really good, I was in communication with the owners through their instagram @thememorywave and they are lovely people who are quick to respond and go above and beyond.

At first I was a bit stuck on deciding what to do the memory wave on but then i remembered that i have a recording on my phone from one of my ultrasounds where i heard Felix’s heartbeat! It is something so personal and meaningful so to have it on my wall as something I can keep forever is amazing. I will definitely purchase a poster in the future from this company as a gift for somebody, even a sound wave of saying something simple like ‘I love you!’

If you’re stuck on christmas/birthday presents then go and check this out, the shipping is really quick too.

Lots of love Cyah xxx

*This post is in collaboration with @thememorywave*


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