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Our bedtime & naptime routine

I get a lot of people asking me what our routine is and how Felix sleeps so well at night, I feel lucky but trust me I think we deserve it after 3.5 solid months of bad colic!!) so I thought that I would do a post about it. Every baby is different, some sleep a lot and some rarely do, I know how horrible it can be surviving on little to no sleep. I have a few tips and tricks that I have researched or learned from someone else so I hope they help you!

Felix started sleeping through from about 13 weeks. Before that he always slept 6/7 hour stretches but I class him sleeping through as from 8:30pm – 7/8am as this is what he usually does. He doesn’t sleep through every night and will occasionally wake for a quick ten minute feed then straight back to sleep. A few weeks ago I asked people on instagram what they did for their babies night-time routine but we kind of just figured out or own way of doing it!

Good naps during the day is key to a good sleep at night. If baby is too tired or under-tired then they fight sleep and make it harder for them to have a good nights sleep. We have a day time routine of naps so he usually wakes around 7/8am then goes back down for a nap between 9-10 for about an hour. He then wont have another till after lunch/early afternoon and this one lasts a couple of hours if lucky! Followed by one more short one in the evening time. We have been using the sleephead deluxe for his naps downstairs as it’s a perfect little nest to have around that you can pick up and move wherever. He sleeps well in it saves having to wheel the pram into the room every time!click here to take a look at the sleepyhead!



If anyone is having trouble with their baby fighting sleep/naps then maybe try white noise! it works a dream for Felix and it sends him straight to sleep. We used to always use a youtube video called white noise for babies but it’s a pain when it stops playing and you have to always restart it, never mind you can’t use your phone for the day as a certain little someone needs it! We got asked to review the Myhummy and it works so well. It’s a cute teddy bear that plays 5 different white noises, you can adjust the volume and even better it has a sleep sensor on so it starts playing again when it detects the baby waking/stirring! He also loves to cuddle it as it’s easy to grab for him. shop here


8:00pm – Bathtime

We have got into the habit of bathing Felix every night at 8pm on the dot! He loves the bath so this is a good way to wind down from the day and have a play about. However he absolutely hates getting out of the bath and will scream for a good 5/10 minutes! It’s horrible but it does tire him out. We then dry/change and give him a little baby massage.

8:20pm – Bottle & a cuddle

He then has his night-time bottle and its usually an extra ounce than he has during the day to fill him up for the night! This is the perfect chance for those lovely sleepy cuddles.

8:30pm – Swaddle and self settle bedtime

We have been using the Love to dream swaddle from cheeky rascals click here to shop and ever since he has slept amazing as he can’t startle himself awake. Babies naturally sleep with their arms up so this swaddle is perfect and it works great for Felix. You can get different colours and togs to suit the weather! They also look veeeery cute! Once swaddled we put him down in his chicco next to me crib and give him his dummie (he loves this to suckle for comfort and it sends him to sleep by himself) occasionally we have to cuddle him to sleep but most of the time he likes to just be put into his bed and he drifts off.



As he gets older I will gradually move his bedtime forward but this works perfect for us right now so I don’t want to jinx it! This routine could work perfect for some babies but terrible for others, every baby has their own routine and you can’t force them into one if it’s not what suits them.

Does anyone else have any bed time tips or found the thing that just works for you and your baby?!


Love Cyah xxx



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