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Lollipop – Smart baby monitor

Now that Felix is older I feel comfortable being able to leave him to sleep on his own during the day for naps and at night, this is great for having that time together with your partner to chill out just the two of us. This is down to having the Lollipop baby monitor, it’s the best gadget I have had in years!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

First thing that I noticed was how simple and modern it looks. The design is so unique, It has a bendy stick that can be wrapped around the crib meaning no damage to the wood, bent to stand on its own on a shelf or even wrap onto the wall attachment that it comes with!

I was impressed at how high-tech this monitor is. It recognizes ambient noise in a room, as well as motion.This means it can tell the difference between normal noises like wind and when your child is fussy or needs attention. You can also share the live video streaming across social networks from your phone or sent to friends and family! My favourite feature is that it syncs to your phone/iPad etc so that you can watch baby live from anywhere! It is amazing quality and so simple to use in the app.


If baby starts stirring or waking up then you can open up your app and choose to play music/white noise or even talk to your baby through the camera! This is a fab way of soothing them and Felix loves the classical music. It has day and night vision and both are really easy to see baby in high detail.

This is definitely something that I can use for years to come with Felix as well as it looking good in any room of the house. We have been given two so once we move I will probably set the other up downstairs for those times when I am busy upstairs but can still keep an eye on my cheeky monkey!


click here to buy!

Love Cyah xxx

*This post is in collaboration with Lollipop smart baby monitor.

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