Felix’s 5 month update.

img_3163I’ve been a bit behind on blogging so I have only just got round to doing Felix’s 5 month update! He turned 5 months on the 22nd December and It feels like yesterday I went into labour!

He has developed so much this month in every way possible. The biggest change that we have noticed is how he is such a happy smiley, giggly baby who doesn’t stop making noises! He makes me really laugh every single day and I can just sit and play or talk away with him for hours.


He has learnt to role from his back to his front and from his back to his side but seems a lot more interested in sitting up than he does laying down! He constantly tries to grab things and put them in his mouth, even though he can’t figure out why a huge teddy wont fit in!

Sleeping has been touch and go; we went through the 4 month sleep regression where he would wake up a few times in the night (this really made everything feel like we had a newborn again) and the easiest way we got through this was to just let him sleep in our bed as he settled and slept so much better. He is back to sleeping better with the occasional night feed but our only problem is he spits his dummie out numerous times in the night and wakes up for it back! He goes to bed a bit later now around 8-9 but he wakes up around 9am so I feel so blessed for that lie in most mornings!


We began weaning Felix a week after he turned 5 months. They advise to start between 4-6 months but everyone is different. Although Felix didn’t show massive signs of wanting food as he cant yet sit up unaided, we started because of his silent reflux and it has helped massively. He also sleeps better as he must feel a lot fuller on an evening!

We have had the best first christmas with him and he really is perfect. I cannot begin to describe my love for him, he is my best friend and I hate to be apart from him!

I wonder what new things he will have learnt when I do his 6 months update! I am so glad I have blogged his monthly updates as its amazing to read back on and know what his developments and milestones were each month!

Love Cyah xxx

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