The perfect bedtime stories!

img_4239Once we began a bedtime routine with Felix it was just a simple bath bottle bed, then the four month regression hit and it all went out of this window, making three very tired people hehe! But now we are slowly getting back into our routine but adding a bedtime story in before his bottle after his bath. He loves looking at all of the colours and pictures and just tries to grab the book from me!


Some of my favourite books are the books we kindly got gifted from Penwizard. They are a company who offer many different baby/children’s books but make them even better by adding personalization. We received ‘Felix’s bedtime book’ which is based on in the night garden. And also a ‘mummy and me’ peppa pig book. The are really great as they use Felix as the main character throughout the book. They really are something I can carry on reading to him for years to come as they are made just for him.


Lots of love, Cyah (and a happy little bookworm – Felix) xxx

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