Kickstarting the year healthy! – Batch organics.

img_5039My main goal that I set for myself coming into 2018 was to be more healthy and to exercise more. It’s been six months since I had Felix so I can’t use excuses anymore! I weigh more now than I did after having Felix. I lost weight whilst pregnant so after giving birth I pretty much snapped back to being slim and in my size 8’s within a week. But then once maternity leave settles in so does the eating, all the snacking and grazing when I’m not even hungry. I have gone up a size in jeans and feel a bit rubbish with how I’m looking. So the decision to get my but into gear came in full force!

I always cook from scratch with lots of veggies so tea wasn’t a problem. My lunches are a lot better than then they used to be, I just have something simple like eggs, a smoothie, a salad, or tuna on rice cakes. I also limit my snacks a lot unless its fruit. Don’t get me wrong we have the odd takeaway every couple of weeks or buy that big bar of chocolate! For breakfast I usually eat berry granola or toast.


I love making smoothies so once batch organics contacted me to try their products I jumped at the chance! Everything is freshly picked and frozen – locking in that goodness! They have smoothies &Β  breakfast bowls in little tubs that yoΒ  keep in the freezer then just grab it out, stick it in a blender or mix the breakfast bowl with some of their lovely tiger nut milk (they have many but I have been loving this one!) They are soooo yummy, quick and convenient when you have a little one to keep an eye on! My favourite has to be the raspberry and coconut breakfast here to shop!


Along with the healthy eating I do exercise; not as much as I should but I’m getting there! I do a lot of walking every day as I’m not one of them people who can just sit inside all day. Even if we have nothing to plan or nobody to meet that day I still put Felix in the pram and walk into town or around the local woods in his carrier. We soon start baby Yoga and I have also signed up to some classes a couple of times a week, so things are definitely improving and on the go!

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