Finally back!

img_6727Hello you lovely lot! I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last blogged.. it feels like even longer! Life has just been soooo busy and I honestly haven’t had the time.

So what’s new? Where do I even start?!

The main big thing is that we have finaaaaaaly moved house! We spent the first 7 months of Felix’s life in a small one bedroom house and although it was lovely it was tough! We have just rented out a house for the year as we are buying next year (Then things will really get chaotic!) It feels amazing to have so much space compared to the other one, I’ve even bagged myself a dressing room ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wonder how many rooms I can shotgun on the next place hehe. We are all settled in and decorated with just a few odd bits left to do such as painting a room and getting some more decor/furniture but we don’t want to go OTT as its only somewhere for the year.

I also bought a new car! Not a big deal really but try to say that when you have been struggling for 7 months with a baby and a fiat 500! worst car possible for getting things in. So i am now in love with my mini countryman and all of its space.

Felix is just as gorgeous and happy as ever, keeping us all on our toes. He’s perfectly healthy and just as crazy as before.. never keeps still and chats away constantly. I will do a post on his 8 month update because I think it’s been a couple of months since I did one of those and I love looking back on them!


I’ve also been busyย  busy busy in general. Doing some work here and there, collaborating with amazing brands (blog posts and instagram pics to follow!) I’ve barely touched my phone the last month or so and It’s felt good to have some time away from the social side of things, making me realise I don’t need to reach to my phone when I’m bored. Instead I have found other things I love doing in my spare time (or should I say when Felix naps) like grabbing a good book or doing a home workout (the diet is going well for once!)

So that is it really! I’ve kept it short and sweet as I have my blogs planned out for the next month.

Thank you for those of you who have messaged me regarding loving my blog and ideas on what to post, It’s really given me a boost and inspiration about what to write.

Love Cyah xxx

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