Felix’s 8 month update.


It’s been a couple of months since I have done an update on Felix and I have probably picked a time where he has changed the most so far!

He has always been the happiest little boy with constant comments on how smiley and chatty he is but his happiness is on a whole new level! It kills me to say it but he is his happiest as soon as Elliot gets home. Don’t get me wrong we have constant giggles and natters all day but as soon as he see’s his daddy he just loses it! It’s like he can’t contain his excitement with uncontrollable laughing,smiles,leg kicking, arm throwing yabbering away. watching them two play is definitely the highlight of my day.


If i delayed writing this for another week or two then I would probably be writing about how he is crawling now as he is sooooo ready to go! I’m talking all fours, shuffling around the room, rocking around eager to be on the move and start causing all kinds of mischief. Any day now and I won’t be able to turn my back for a second. Felix has mastered sitting up and is on his way to standing up by leaning on things (he has always been one for standing up with an insane amount of strength in his legs so I thought he would skip the crawling stage but it doesn’t look like it).

We are fully into weaning Felix now and I have to say this boy definitely has a sweet tooth for mango & bananas! He would eat nothing else if he could, but he has been experimenting with everything and is loving new foods every day. Having his three meals and lots of milk. He is quite small for his age but he was 5 weeks early and has been a slow weaner but he is perfectly healthy.

I’m very happy with his sleeping and routine. We now have a good strict routine in place after that awful last leap! He wakes up around 6:30/7am and has a bottle in our bed followed by cuddles & play time. We then go downstairs and he has his porridge about 7:30 which he absolutely demolishes! He always has a morning nap with a bottle but it varies in time and always varies how long he has it for, but if he has a long morning nap then it will be a short afternoon one or vice versa. Lunch is around 12/12:30 then tea time about 6pm with a bottle in between. The bit we have been strict with his Felix having a bath at 6:30 every night then as soon as he is out we dry him and he has a lovely little massage using techniques i learnt at the baby massage classes, okay for some huh! He then goes into his pjs and sleeping bag and necks 7oz before passing out in my arms and being transferred into his cot, it’s usually 7/7:30 when this happens. He sometimes sleeps through but otherwise he will wake once for a small feed about 3/4am which doesn’t  bother me as it literally takes about 5 minutes then he is back to sleep. His sleep has improved massively since he has his own bedroom. I will maybe do a post eventually focusing on things like baby massage and night-time techniques for a good sleeping baby!

This is my favourite age so far ( I have probably said that every month but it honestly just gets better and better). He’s just so much fun and he make me and Elliot so happy.

Happy 8 months Felix!

Love Cyah xxx

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