My top tips for staying organised as a busy mum!


I have always been a very organised, good time keeping, clean freak! It drives Elliot mad sometimes as he is the complete opposite (probably drives me mad more). I thought I would share some tips on things that I do to help me stay organised and feel like I have my life together as a busy mum of an 8 month old.

1. Invest in a wall planner and a life planner. I rely on mine for everything! I use the Erin condren Life planner and it is layed out perfectly for me. You can customise it yourself and start it from any point in the year. What works well is that before each month there is a calender which I use for writing when I’m working. I also have the Erin Condren planner stickers to go with it which I love.. if you are anything like me then accessorizing something  you take everywhere with you is a winner (and It’s fun to get creative!) There are so many to choose from and you can even choose your own layout. The wall planer is also useful as its something the whole family can use. I have mine in the kitchen so we can always see if something important is coming up or keep track on plans. Click here to find your new perfect planner

2. Meal planning – When I don’t plan our weekly meals in advance, I find that I end up going to the supermarket more often and spending much more money than when I do a menu plan.  We have a few meals that are our ‘regulars’ like chilli, , salmon, pasta and I am always trying to find new recipes to try. Every Friday afternoon, I write a list of what I have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards and then I sit down and write down an evening meal for each day. We get our own bits for lunches but I usually stick to just soup as I’m still going strong with my dieting (whilst I’m sat here eating an easter egg… pfft im allowed a day off!) I then write all the planned meals on my wall planner (told you I’d be lost without it)

3. Budget – Spend some time sorting out your monthly budget so you know how much you are spending each month. Be completely honest with yourself and include EVERYTHING that you spend money on otherwise you won’t get a true picture. We over spend all of the time but recently we have gotten strict and have told ourselves no more take aways or silly buys at the shops. Clothes shopping doesn’t count..right?

4. Keep on top of jobs – I am such a clean freak and it drives Elliot mental, guaranteed I will Hoover the house twice a day at least. My main top tip is to make sure everything is done before you go to bed. Wash and dry all of the dishes and set out anything you need for the next day such as outfits, lunches, changing bag. This way when you come downstairs on a morning everything is done and you can just get on with your morning. Another big tip is declutter!! I have been trying to live a more minimalist life and always go through rooms and drawers organising and getting rid of things that I don’t need or use. A clean room is a clean mind!


5. Don’t schedule too much. I’m the sort of person who always has loads of things planned and can’t spend more than one day sat doing nothing. My maternity doesn’t end till May and even though my job leaves me with lots of free time as its mainly nights/ afternoon shifts I still manage to cram things into every gap. I have been doing extra shifts recently as it’s getting me back into doing something else and not just the usual stay at home mum jobs. Some weeks though I find that I have tried to cram too much in and I don’t even half a spare afternoon to just chill out at home with Felix, meaning I’m exhausted. So my new thing is to relax and spread plans out a bit more, some days I love just going on a long walk with felix then coming home to play.

Hope these tips help!

Love Cyah xxx

This post is in collaboration with Eric Condren.

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