A bear full of memories to last a life time.


I’m one of those people who just hate letting go of Felix’s old clothes. Each piece holds so many memories and every time he goes up a size it feels so emotional! I have bagged up and kept my favourite clothes to keep and given the rest to charity. But in my draw I have always kept his first few baby grows that he ever wore. I hated the idea of them just sitting there gathering dust but then I found out about this amazing thing where you can get those precious outfits made into a teddy of your choice! This seemed perfect as those clothes would forever be admired and sat there as Felix’s very own teddy bear.


We got our bear made from a lovely lady who runs a business called Prickle stitches. There are so many animals to choose from but i opted for the classic teddy bear (after changing my mind a few times!) she really is a lovely lady and was very helpful when choosing the items to send, where about to put the fabrics on the bear and updates throughout the whole making process. What makes it more special is you can get their name, d.o.b, birth weigh etc stiched on! When I received the bear it was in lovely packaging and I even cried when I took it out! I will cherish this forever.


You can get choose from more than a teddy! You can also get memory blankets and cushions which are so gorgeous! I would definitely recommend getting one for those tiny clothes sat in your drawer! We have Felix’s bear taking pride of place on his drawers and I do get emotional every time I see it, remembering those newborn cuddles in them gorgeous tiny baby grows. I will link her social media pages below, go and check them out and I promise you won’t regret it! It doesn’t even have to be from your babies clothes, it could be a memory cushion from the jumper of a loved one.. the possibilities are endless!


Prickle stitches Facebook page – click this link

Prickle stitches Instagram page – click this link

Thank you so much for the most perfect gift.

Love Cyah xxx

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