Choosing the kindest products for your baby

I have always been very wary of what I use for Felix. I don’t like products that are harsh on the skin, I don’t like giving him foods that are unhealthy, I don’t like putting him in clothes that don’t look comfortable.. I don’t like a lot of things that are deemed  good for babies which I wouldn’t use myself! We have always been very aware that we will only feed Felix things that are good for him and just water instead of juice, or use products that don’t have nasty things in them. The list could go on and when you are a mum you start really looking into all of these things that you normally wouldn’t think twice about!

I thought I would share a few things that work well for us and that I absolutely love!

Bath time is Felix’s favourite part of the day (apart from causing mischief!). It’s the time when we wind down and start a relaxed calm evening ready for bed. I have done a blog post previously about our routine so go check it out! We have a mixture of products that we love for the evening. We have always used aveeno baby shampoo & bath milk but have recently also starting using ‘Kit and Kin’ baby shampoo & body wash. It has such a clean smell and is really gentle on Felix’s skin. Taken from their website which I will link below, it states ‘Infused with naturally nourishing plant extracts such as mango and strawberry, this tear-free formula leaves babies’ skin and hair cleansed and hydrated.Approved by dermatologists and certified natural by the soil association, our wash is made without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Nature at it’s best.’ I mean.. are there any better words for a mum to hear than natural products for your little bundle of joy? After his bath we dry him and use aveeno moisturizer followed by the Kit and Kin salve for any dry spots or nappy rash.. this stuff is sooo soft and even better there are products for adults! I have been using the body butter and I love it. Super soft and the packaging is beautiful. The prices are really affordable and they have so many different things on their website ranging from baby bubble bath to adult moisturizer and even nappies & wipes – which I may add are super cute with little animal prints on the back. Did I mention they are eco-friendly?!Click here to be taken to their website

We only really use products around the evening time. During the day we just use the basics such as sudocream if he has nappy rash or vaseline when his lips are dry.. pampered baby!

Another top tip is we have been using essential Oils. Felix has been sleeping through for a long time now and every bath time we put lavender oil in his bath. The smell is amazing and really helps to relax him. We also use an essential Oil for sinuses when he is bunged up. We are both currently full of cold as i write this 😦 If anyone is interested I will do another post more about essential oils and natural remedies for many problems.

this post is in collaboration with Kit and Kin

Lots of love, Cyah and a very soft skinned little Felix! xxx

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