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Maxi Cosi AxissFix Car Seat

f4e64f3c-0001-4dbb-aca5-fd2703aa2d13After a tricky pregnancy, and having an issue with my spine previous to this; my mobility to carry felix around in his car seat was a tough one! I found it incredibly hard getting Felix in and out of the car. Now that he is getting a bit bigger, I am transitioning to car seat that remains permanently fixed, so no longer need to worry about getting him in and out. When I heard about the new Maxi cosi assixfix car seat – an isofix carseat which turns 360 degrees, enabling your child to be buckled up easily from the doorside – I couldn’t wait to find out more!


What is the Maxi cosi AssixFix?

Taken from the Maxi Cosi website –

The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix is a toddler car seat which combines state-of-the-art safety and a 360° swiveling seat.

The AxissFix combines state-of-the-art safety performance, by complying with the latest i-Size car seat regulation, and a 360° swiveling seat to offer you the best ease of use ever! It will take only a few seconds to secure your child facing you. AxissFix comes with ISOFIX for an easy and safe car seat installation, and offers rear-facing travel up to approx. 2years (87cm) to enhance head & neck protection. It grows with your child from 61 to 105cm, from rearward to forward facing in a simple turn of the seat.

First Impressions

We were sent the Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus in Navy which I love. My first thought was how beautiful this car seat was and ‘oh my god I’m never gonna let him eat in this one it’s too lovely to get marks on!’. However linings are fully washable so I don’t need to worry! The Maxi Cosi Axiss Fix Plus came fully assembled, which always gets a thumbs up from me! When I first took it out of the box I was impressed by it’s design. You always know the Maxi Cosi car seats are going to look good as well as be functional. It is a substantial weight but not ridiculously heavy and you want a car seat to be pretty sturdy and robust anyway. There are 11 different colours available which is more than many more seats that i had previously looked at! I Love how soft and comfy it feels as well. How I would love to be able to sit in there and have a long comfy snooze during the car journey!


Using the AssixFix car seat

The Maxi Cosi AxissFix was VERY easy to install – using the isofix ports, the seat simply clicks into place. You then need to tether the seat to the anchor point in the boot, and then specify the orientation depending on which side of the vehicle you are placing the seat. Me and Elliot did it together but it really is easy enough to do it on your own. The instructions are so easy to follow with lots of demo pictures.


It’s very easy to use the seat. You simply pull one of the lever on the side of the chair to swivel it to facing towards you then place baby in (no more strain on the back!) fasten them in and swivel the chair back around. Maxi Cosi Assixfix system has a brilliant indicator that tells you when the seat is locked in place; you wouldn’t want to pull away with the seat swivelling round! Safety is obviously paramount and Maxi Cosi have thought of everything to give you peace of mind.We currently have Felix rear facing; following the guidelines for the seat. He looks so comfy in it and it leaves loads of space in the back and he has much more room than he did in his newborn car seat. I love how the straps are really long when you extend them which I love as Felix loves to wriggle so it makes things a lot more easier. You can also clip the straps back when getting them in using the rubber hooks, making it even more easier… need I say more?! There is also the option to recline baby which makes snoozing in the car even more comfortable for baby.


Overall I absolutely love the swivel concept behind the AxissFix Plus, and would definitely recommend to any parent who has mobility or back problems or just wants that added comfort for baby!

Click this link to find out more of shop the Maxi Cosi assixfix car seat! click here

We were sent the Maxi Cosi Axiss Fix Plus free of charge in return for a review.

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