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Lollipop – Smart baby monitor

Now that Felix is older I feel comfortable being able to leave him to sleep on his own during the day for naps and at night, this is great for having that time together with your partner to chill out just the two of us. This is down to having the Lollipop baby monitor, it’s the best gadget I have had in years! Continue reading “Lollipop – Smart baby monitor”

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Our bedtime & naptime routine

I get a lot of people asking me what our routine is and how Felix sleeps so well at night, I feel lucky but trust me I think we deserve it after 3.5 solid months of bad colic!!) so I thought that I would do a post about it. Every baby is different, some sleep a lot and some rarely do, I know how horrible it can be surviving on little to no sleep. I have a few tips and tricks that I have researched or learned from someone else so I hope they help you! Continue reading “Our bedtime & naptime routine”


10 Random facts about me

I thought i would do a small blog post with 10 totally random facts about me..

  1. I’m a keen artist and draw in my spare time, i studied art at college and got a foundation in fine art. I sometimes do commissions & would love to get into this again when life has settled down!
  2. I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby
  3. Massive foodie! I love pretty much anything apart from bbq sauce! I eat out a lot and love to try new things.
  4. I’m a bit of a clean freak and everything has to be properly organised
  5. My name is from the movie ‘Willow’ & the Bob Marley song ‘Kaya’
  6. I am obsessed with animals and would own them all if i could
  7. My middle name is Leigh
  8. I love to drink tea & coffee and my tea collection is a bit over the top filling almost an entire cupboard..
  9. It takes me a while to open up to somebody and be myself as i’m quite a reserved person.
  10. I have blue/grey eyes & I’m 5’4/5Love cyah xxΒ