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Our bedtime & naptime routine

I get a lot of people asking me what our routine is and how Felix sleeps so well at night, I feel lucky but trust me I think we deserve it after 3.5 solid months of bad colic!!) so I thought that I would do a post about it. Every baby is different, some sleep a lot and some rarely do, I know how horrible it can be surviving on little to no sleep. I have a few tips and tricks that I have researched or learned from someone else so I hope they help you! Continue reading

10 Random facts about me

I thought i would do a small blog post with 10 totally random facts about me..

  1. I’m a keen artist and draw in my spare time, i studied art at college and got a foundation in fine art. I sometimes do commissions & would love to get into this again when life has settled down!
  2. I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby
  3. Massive foodie! I love pretty much anything apart from bbq sauce! I eat out a lot and love to try new things.
  4. I’m a bit of a clean freak and everything has to be properly organised
  5. My name is from the movie ‘Willow’ & the Bob Marley song ‘Kaya’
  6. I am obsessed with animals and would own them all if i could
  7. My middle name is Leigh
  8. I love to drink tea & coffee and my tea collection is a bit over the top filling almost an entire cupboard..
  9. It takes me a while to open up to somebody and be myself as i’m quite a reserved person.
  10. I have blue/grey eyes & I’m 5’4/5Love cyah xx